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Hugo Dean and Michael Cahilll

Hugo Dean of Monash Law School Receives the International Law Prize

The winner of the ICJ sponsored 2018 Monash University International Law Prize, Hugo Dean, studied International Human Rights Law, Law of Armed Conflict, Refugee Law and Environmental Law before taking the broader elective, International Law. In a History major he had studied Cold War era politics, World War II and the ongoing conflict between Israel […]

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The Honourable Geoff Eames Speaks on Democracy in Nauru

The Australian Government cannot stand mute while democracy collapses on Nauru. In June 2015, the President, Baron Waqa, had 19 members of the Opposition arrested and jailed after they staged a peaceful protest outside Parliament. Four pleaded guilty and were sentenced to prison terms by the local Magistrate. The Government appealed the sentences and the […]

Death of senior Magistrate reveals pressures of the job

The recent suicide of respected Magistrate Stephen Myall shows the pressures to which members of the judiciary and legal community are exposed. Such pressures were exacerbated in Stephen’s case when, after making a decision to grant a boy bail in order to sit his exams, he faced an intensely critical response from certain sections of […]