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Bar Readers’ Course for Lawyer from SE Asia

ICJ Victoria has undertaken to sponsor a foreign human rights lawyer to undertake the Bar Readers’ Course. This project will be of benefit to sponsored candidate, and exposes a lawyer from another very different jurisdiction to the system of laws and government in Australia.

We are pleased to announce that Indonesian lawyer Mr Alghiffari Aqsa is our appointed candidate to sit the Bar Readers’ Course.

Alghiffari Aqsa has been chosen by the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute (Lembaga Bantuan Hukum, Jakarta), Professor Tim Lindsey from Melbourne Law School and Todung Mulya Lubis (the Indonesian lawyer who acted for Chan and Sukumaran).

ICJ Victoria is searching for interested members to billet Mr Aqsa during his time in Melbourne.  For further information, please see our letter to members.

ICJ Victoria is grateful for the support from the Bar Readers’ committee, who has committed to the project, and provided an ad hoc position to accommodate the candidate.