Current Areas of Focus

Every year, ICJ Victoria identifies the main themes that form the areas of focus for its research and advocacy. In addition to these main areas, ICJ responds to calls for submission on legislation that affect human rights, issues affecting rule of law in Australia,

  • Research and report on the prejudices and discrimination faced by trans and gender diverse people in the criminal justice system.
    • Led by ICJV Secretary Isabelle Skaburskis, in partnership with Transgender Victoria and Doogue + George Defence Lawyers, with support from lawyers, lawyers associations and legal academics.
    • The project officers are conducting primary research on whether the criminal justice system properly protects the rights of trans and gender diverse people.
    • Anonymous surveys for TGD people, lawyers representing TGD clients in the criminal justice system have been circulated; volunteers are being interviewed.
    • Stakeholders are being approached for comment
    • A report that is the first of its kind, looking at potential prejudices faced by TGD across the entire system, not just in prison, will be released by the end of 2020.
  • Advocacy in support of a Modern Slavery Act (Vic) and a statutory defence for human trafficking survivors who commit crimes.
    • Led by ICJV Executive member Felicity Gerry QC and a team of legal researchers;
    • Advocacy directed towards the adoption of a statutory defence that mirrors the defence already in existence in UK legislation.
  • Human rights, prisoner’s rights, children’s rights and COVID-19
    • ICJV Executive Member Felicity Gerry QC has been a vocal proponent of the rights of prisoners during COVID 19. Gerry and ICJV Executive Member Jennifer Keene-McCann are producing submissions, articles and podcasts on the ways that rights of prisoners or children are compromised by actions of the government, or failures to act; and policies or legislation that are being tabled in Parliament under distraction of COVID 19, that raise concerns for human rights and the rule of law.
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