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ICJ Victoria Endorses the Australian Bar Association’s Call for the Northern Territory Government to Reconsider Amendments to Bail Application Legislation

ICJ Victoria endorses the statement released on 26 May 2016 by the Australian Bar Association, calling for the Northern Territory Government to reconsider reforming the bail application legislation. The upcoming reforms propose to remove the presumption of bail for alleged youth offenders for repeat property offences. Australian Bar Association Media Release The proposed reforms have also […]

Duties to Asylum Seekers

On 6 May 2016, Justice Bromberg of the Federal Court decided that the Minister for Immigration and the Commonwealth of Australia owed a duty of care to an asylum seeker detainee in Nauru.  As a result, she could not be moved to Papua New Guinea to procure an abortion, but must be moved elsewhere for […]

ICJ Victoria Endorses the Judicial Conference of Australia’s Concern regarding Judicial Detention in Turkey

The Judicial Conference of Australia brings to our attention to disciplinary investigations that have begun against a number of judges in Turkey.  These are the results of complaints by the Turkish Interior Ministry’s, alleging that the judges had ruled against the Ministry in a number of administrative cases. 680 judges and prosecutors in Turkey are […]

Open Letter on Offshore Detention

ICJ Victoria is pleased to endorse the open letter from members of the legal profession on offshore detention.  This letter details concerns about the impact of the Australian asylum seeker policy on international law and the rule of law. It is signed by over 50 legal organisations, community legal centres, law firms and individuals from […]

Statement in support of the Australian Human Rights Commission

ICJV endorses the open letter drafted by leading legal academics in support of the independence of the Australian Human Rights Commission and its President, Prof Gillian Triggs. ICJV stands in support of the independence of its national human rights institution and disapproves of the ill-founded statements made by the Australian Executive Government questioning the integrity […]

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