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CANCELLED: Human rights and democracy, past their use-by-dates?

UPDATE: WE ARE SORRY TO ANNOUNCE THAT THIS CONFERENCE HAS BEEN CANCELLED ICJ and ICCC Conference – October 10, 11 2013 To ask the hard question is simple; it’s the answers that are hard.  What was the Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers thinking when it recommended that capacity be established in Nauru and Papua New […]

PNG Parliament undermines separation of powers

The Victorian chapter of the International Commission of Jurists calls on the government of Papua New Guinea to repeal the legislation passed on Wednesday, 21 March 2012, that erodes judicial independence and undermines Papua New Guinea’s progress towards stable democracy (23 March 2012). PNG Parliament undermines separation of powers

Australia ignores its international humanitarian obligations

In August 2011, defence lawyers for Mr Payara, an Indonesian man charged with people smuggling, raised a defence that since it was lawful to seek asylum in Australia, assisting someone to seek asylum must also be lawful. The federal government responded by rushing through the House of Representatives a Bill amending the Migration Act “clarifying” […]

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