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Death of senior Magistrate reveals pressures of the job

The recent suicide of respected Magistrate Stephen Myall shows the pressures to which members of the judiciary and legal community are exposed. Such pressures were exacerbated in Stephen’s case when, after making a decision to grant a boy bail in order to sit his exams, he faced an intensely critical response from certain sections of […]

Human Rights Watch and ASEAN

This weekend Australia hosts leaders from all the ASEAN countries except for the Philippines. The Australian government wants to focus on trade and security issues. ICJ (Victoria) supports the call by Human Rights Watch for Australia to use this opportunity to foster adherence to judicial independence and the rule of law within ASEAN at a […]

Member opinion paper: Australia and the Rule of Law

Mr Louis A. Coutts, an Honorary Life Member of International Commission of Jurists Victoria, wrote a paper about the Rule of Law in Australia and the societal impacts of the Rule of Law. Mr Coutts has outlined the components of the eight sub-rules outlined by Lord Thomas Bingham. Further the paper also outlines the importance of the […]

Age Article

Indefinite Detention, Parliament, and the Courts

Mr Louis A. Coutts, an Honorary Life Member of International Commission of Jurists Victoria, had an article published in The Age on 19 January 2016.  The article explains the legislative powers allowing arbitrary indefinite administrative detention regimes in Australia, and subsequent approval by the High Court of Australia. How the High Court Enabled Indefinite Detention

Government strips many asylum seekers of their right to legal representation

The International Commission of Jurists Victoria strongly believes that the right to legal representation is an essential element of our legal system and of a free and vibrant democracy, without which, people’s rights are less likely to be enforced and observed, to everyone’s detriment. Recently, the Federal Government has taken decisions which tend to abrogate […]