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Foreign Human Rights Lawyer Appointed to Undertake the Bar Readers’ Course

ICJ Victoria has undertaken to sponsor a foreign human rights lawyer to undertake the Bar Readers’ Course.

We are pleased to announce that Indonesian lawyer Mr Alghiffari Aqsa is our appointed candidate to sit the Bar Readers’ Course.

Alghiffari Aqsa has been chosen by the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute (Lembaga Bantuan Hukum, Jakarta), Professor Tim Lindsey from Melbourne Law School and Todung Mulya Lubis (the Indonesian lawyer who acted for Chan and Sukumaran).

About Alghiffari

Alghif (as he calls himself) is 30 years old and his interests include music of all sorts (being a former cello player) including classical, rock and world music, and he enjoys playing soccer.

He is a human rights lawyer with 7 years’ experience in the field of public interest lawyering and advocacy (including right to housing, labour rights, right to education, ASEAN human rights advocacy, and other human rights issues in Indonesia).

In 2012 – 2013 he became a fellow of The Global Network for Public Interest Law (PILNet) and a visiting scholar at Columbia University School of Law. He also had the opportunity to intern for two months in the Street Vendor Project – Urban Justice Centre in New York.

In August 2015 Alghif was appointed as a director of LBH, the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute. LBH, in turn, has been appointed as the coordinator of Southeast Asian Lawyers Network (SEALawyers), a group of public interest lawyers from Southeast Asia.

Alghif tells us that he has a great interest in legal empowerment. In Indonesia community legal empowerment occurs at a provincial, national level and regional level. An example of the work he has been involved in has been through organising poor urban community workers and trade unions. At a regional level he has been involved in work strengthening the Southern Thailand CSO and legal aid organization.

Alghif has expressed an interest in meeting human rights advocates in Australia and learning from them about their experiences and litigation strategies.