Our Purpose and Principles

The International Commission of Jurists Victoria (ICJV) is a non-governmental organisation composed of jurists in Victoria, including judges, lawyers, law students, and academics. It exists with the aim of advancing the objectives of the Geneva-based International Commission of Jurists (the Commission) and working to ensure the application of our shared principles, which include:

  • Affirming that human rights and humanitarian law are essential to achieve the goals of a just, democratic, peaceful and humane society.
  • Affirming that the rule of law is indispensable to safeguard and advance all human rights.
  • Recognising that an independent judiciary and legal profession, maintaining the highest ethical standards, assume a primary role in achieving these goals.

Putting this into Practice

Human rights, as articulated in international standards, are universal, interdependent and indivisible. As an independent sub-national affiliate of the Commission, ICJV’s primary focus is on the application of these rights in Victoria and Australia, including through the advancement of the rule of law. We also engage with broader rule of law issues in the Asia- Pacific region, where appropriate to our aims and experience.

Through an apolitical focus on legal principles and analysis, ICJV aims to do work that is impactful, deliberative, and substantive. Much of our engagement
involves making submissions on topics that involve rule of law and human rights issues, and hosting events or providing other opportunities for dialogue and education on these themes.

ICJ Victoria strives to:

The ICJ’s mission is:

  • promote adherence to and observance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other similar international instruments;
  • promote the conclusion, ratification, and implementation of conventions, covenants, and protocols protecting human rights, especially in Australia and the nations of Southeast Asia and the Pacific;
  • provide an organization through which the legal profession and others interested in human rights can protect and sustain the Rule of Law and promote the observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms;
  • help, advise and encourage all who seek to achieve, by means of the Rule of Law universal respect for and promote the observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms;
  • co-operate with a similar organisations in Australia and other countries through the channels provided by ICJ Geneva and other available means.

ICJ Victoria seeks to fulfill its objectives by public education and seminars, submissions, reports, and advocacy.

ICJV Membership

ICJV’s output depends on the advice, research, time and expertise of our membership to promote the rule of law and advance human rights. You can learn more by signing up to our mailing list and can support our work further by becoming a member.

You are also welcome to meet with a current member of the Executive or attend a meeting of the Executive by emailing secretary@icjvictoria.com.au.

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